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Elevator Pitch is a fast-paced, 4-player co-op game in which coworkers compete to become CEO. Set in a silly world with even sillier characters, the current CEO of the Graphic Design Acompany is set to retire, and must choose his successor from a group of 4 employees. Play as Robin Robyn, Blake Blaze, Giang Gage, or Ya-Yi Yeet and race to the top of the building through a series of chaotic minigames. Think fast, or you might just end up crashing and burning. It’s nothing personal--it’s just business.


ElevatorPitch.zip 69 MB

Install instructions

How to play -
All 4 players must press a button when the game boots up (The empty elevator), which will spawn the players. Move the characters with the joystick and follow the instructions : )